Travel & hotel information


Air travel

  1. Fly into Paderborn directly

Paderborn has its own local airport Paderborn/Lippstadt (code: PAD), which is served by Lufthansa via Munich (five flights per day) and byAirBerlin. It also has direct connections to Stanstead, Manchester and a few places in the Mediterranean. If you can get a cheap flight to PAD, it is quite convenient.

From the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt you can

  1. rent a car (exaggerated, unless you want to have a car locally available)

  2. take a taxi (approx. EUR 35-40 to get into town)

  3. take a bus, line 400 or 460, provided by bbh to Paderborn "Hauptbahnhof" (main train station).

Both taxi and bus take about 25 minutes, but the bus does not run very frequently. Often, flying into Paderborn is substantially more expensive than using a larger airport.

  1. Fly into Düsseldorf (DUS)

Düsseldorf airport (code: DUS) is the nearest large airport (third largest in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich). It is well connected to all over Europe, often at quite reasonable rates.

At Düsseldorf airport, you take the "Skytrain" (monorail shuttle between terminal buidling and station) to get to the railway station (you need to buy a cheap ticket for the Skytrain!). From there, take a train to Paderborn Hauptbahnhof (main station). The train ride is between 1:55 hours and 2:10 depending on the connection. About half the trains are direct trains; for the other half, you have to change trains in Hamm/Westfalen. Connecting trains have either Paderborn, Warburg or Kassel as their final destination (trains show final destinations on the front or on the side).

You can find train travel information at Deutsche Bahn. For details, see below.

Using a rental car from Düsseldorf is possible, but not recommended (substantial danger of traffic congestion in the entire Ruhr area). Shuttle services do not exist. A taxi would be very expensive (definitely not recommended).

  1. Fly into Frankfurt (FRA)

Frankfurt is Germany’s largest airport and Lufthansa’s major hub. It is well connected internationally and served by many international airlines.  Getting from Frankfurt airport to Paderborn is, however, a little cumbersome. Train rides are between three and four hours, with at least one and sometimes three connections on the way. Usually, routes with connections in Kassel or Fulda are more convenient than those going via Köln (Cologne).  

  1. Other airports

Sometimes (very rarely), it can be cheaper or more convenient to fly into Dortmund (DTM), Hannover (HAJ), or Cologne (CGN). From all these airports, there are train connections (Dortmund: about 1:30 hour, Hannover: about 2 hours, CGN: about three hours). Other airports make no sense. I hesitate to recommend these options.

By train

You can find train travel information at Deutsche Bahn. Available in English as well. You can buy train tickets online as well (most convenient, charged to credit card, prices do depend somewhat on the particular train connection you want to use), but that is really necessary.

Alternatively, buy train tickets from vending machines ( picture; the one on the right is the relevant machine); they have touch screen with English user interfaces and accept credit cards. Reasonably easy to use.

There are some surprising connections, e.g., Paris - Paderborn is 6:20 hours, sometimes with only one connection in Cologne (leaving Paris Nord at 12:01; arriving Paderborn 18:24).

From the main station (Hauptbahnhof), use a taxi to the hotels or the meeting venue. There are also buses, depending on the hotel (IBIS and Stadthaus: line 68 to "Schöne Aussicht" from train station; Arosa and maybe Galerie Hotel Abdinghof: lines 2,4,8,9; all stop directly in front of the station; do NOT cross the street); but taxi is of course much easier. Taxi stand is to the left as you leave the train station.

Taxi rides in the city should be around 10-12 € max.

By car

Use the motorway A33 to exit Paderborn Center.

Getting around in Paderborn

Paderborn is small enough to walk most things. Certainly inside the city centre. The meeting venue is a bit outside near the main University campus; depending on the hotel, walking is still a nice option. The conference venue is about 15 minute from downtown (downhill, back from the city it is likely 20-25 minutes uphill).

Taxi rides in the city should be around 10 € max.

Bus lines

If you want to use a bus, check the Padersprinter website (unfortunately, German only).

Bus stops for the meeting venue (Hotel Campus Lounge) are the following:

  1. Pohlweg, served only by the special line UNI. The Pohlweg stop is about 200m away from the hotel; impossible to miss. Stops downtown are Hauptbahnhof (main station), Le Mans Wall, Rosentor, or Kasseler Str.

  2. Südring is served by lines 4 and 9. It is about 600m/7-8 minutes walking distance from the hotel. For this stop you want direction Dahl for the #4, direction Kaukenberg for the #9 to reach the venue from the city centre. Usefuls stops in the city are Westerntor, Zentralstation, Rathausplatz, Kamp.

You can buy tickets on the bus and also at vending machines at some busstops. Single trips are € 2,10. There is also a multi-trip ticket for four trips at € 6,80. (Don't "stamp" these multi-trip tickets on the FIRST trip; only on the second to fourth trip.)


Obviously, the most convenient option is the Campus Lounge hotel where the conference will take place. Rather good, with reasonable rates. It is also the only hotel within immediate walking distance, all the other good choices are downtown.

  1. Hotel zur Mühle near the city centre (Mühlenstraße 2). Recently renovated. Very good quality. Very good restaurant. 2,4 km walking distance, walk to Zentralstation for bus 4 or 9. One of the nicer and most personal of these hotels.

  2. Galerie Hotel Abdinghof. Charming, small hotel in the old town. Individual. Very nice. 2,2 km walking distance. About 300m to busstop Rathausplatz; from there, take bus lines 4 or 9 to "Uni/Südring".

  3. Stadthaus : Smaller hotel, reasonably downtown. 2,5 km walking distance, or walk a few steps to Maspernplatz and get the bus line 68 and switch at Kasseler Tor to bus 4 or 9.

  4. Welcome Hotel : The hotel as such is quite nice and only a few years old. But there is no direct bus line and it is a bit far to walk (3,5 km). The number 11 bus stops almost directly in front of the hotel, then switch to the number 9 bus at Westerntor (you have to cross the street for the right direction!). Leave the bus at "Uni/Südring". About 23 minutes for the bus ride.

  5. Best Western Arosa : Good hotel, depending on the rate you get perhaps a bit expensive. 2,5 km to university campus. Located pretty close to central bus station ("Zentralstation") with bus lines 4 & 9 going to "Uni/Südring".

  6. The IBIS (at Paderwall 1-5), about 62€ + 10 € breakfast (and you get what you pay for :-). Close to busstop.